The 2016 Presidential Election could end up being a seminal moment in United States history, political or otherwise? The combination of a celebrity culture, minute by minute media coverage, underlying societal fears -LGBT rights, terrorism, immigration, gun violence- a political dynasty, -i.e. the Clinton’s- outrageous economic inequality, and a polarized Congress could very well push the nation beyond it’s fragile insecurity, and blowing a proverbial gasket? I could be incorrect? I might just be caught up in the hyperbole of the moment, stuck at the crossroads intersecting the rational and irrational? Thing is, as terrible as things could get, there’s a piece of me that hopes I am right. From my low perch, a shake-up, rather than a shake-down, could be good, if not necessary, for the long term health of our country? Then again, we could unravel to the point of no return? Every Empire in world history has eventually come undone, some gently, others quite traumatically, effectively erasing it from that present.

People are wound up out there in Starbucks land. More so than I can recall in 40+ years. Friendly discussions with strangers easily swerve headlong into traffic, voices talking over one another, no intention of budging from their “common sense” opinions. There was a time following 9/11 where folks were actually reporting to the FBI people who spoke out at the gym or supermarket. That was a time of paralytic fear. Anger though, a secondary emotion born of fear, processes through a society much differently. Folks wont go the FBI in a climate like this. For many, the FBI, the government in general, is perceived to be the enemy, not to be trusted. “They’re all liars and crooks,” is the predominant feeling.

In their own ways, both Clinton and Trump embody one side each of that coin. Sanders offers something different, a truth, authenticated by decades of solid positions. Bernie is not relevant to this essay. -Not today at least with HRC the probable nominee. Did anyone actually believe anyone BUT HRC would be allowed to proceed?- Trump presents a simple message. He has buried the ‘dog whistle’ altogether, and just comes right out with the language of much of the right, especially the ‘Tea Party’ crowd. Which is ironic because that movement was launched with Koch Brother money, vocal #AnyoneButTrump political operatives. With Clinton the divisiveness is more difficult to pick up on and understand. In fact, I am unsure of my own analysis at this time. Her lies are heavily scripted and designed more for damage control than votes, platitudes rather than abrasion.

An example of this was Clinton’s speech following the abominable massacre in that Orlando dance club. From the beginning it was complete bullshit. “As American’s we come together…” all that crap that’s simply untrue. If it were true, we would collectively demand policies to better protect us from these daily occurrences. There was much more to dissect but really, no thanks? Then we have the private server and email she used while serving in one of the most important US Government positions: Secretary of State. Now, deep down, we all know why this was done; she wanted control over her correspondence, thereby having the tools necessary to provide information to her liking. Control, possibly a little paranoia, period. After this was exposed however, instead of simply telling the truth up front, washing her hands of it more than a year ago, she decided to roll from one lie to another, perpetuating the Clinton dishonesty. Why Democrats have continually papered over the issue, brushing it off as insignificant, belies a greater truth in the DNC apparatus. Tunnel vision. A coronation. All the talking points on the right substantiated, sadly.

I have been staying in a rural area without phone or internet, so my observations could be quite different from the person who is updated daily, or even hourly. I go 3-4 days without new information making for quite a slog once plugged into the machine. It is addictive, I admit, thinking about moments ahead, not knowing immediately, then returning to news such as the mass slaughter in Orlando. If anyone reading this can, I fully endorse unplugging as best as you can for several days at a time. An entirely fresh narrative comes into focus, realizing so much of the 24 hour cycle is quickly forgotten, vanished before we plug back in. So was any of it important? The tragic irony of Muhammad Ali’s funeral followed by the largest mass shooting in US History will never be lost on me, but I wonder if it crossed many folks minds, already drowning in the cyclone of our mass media modern machine? Ali, a Muslim man of peace gone. Trump, calling for more violence and a religious test to live in that same country.

All for today…. to be continued









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