Dear Vlad

preface: The idea that the Russian government would prefer The Donald to Hillary Clinton is simply illogical. Would they, or any other government with an adversarial relationship, like to gum up the political process if possible? Of course! But this story of KGB spies copying and leaking DNC crypto information is, as Russian PR guy says; absurdity bordering on stupidity. Simply put, the DNC and their IT department has done a masterful job deflecting the media, using Trump and Putin as props. Yes, Trump would be a disaster for American Diplomacy, and possibly could be helpful to the Russian Government, but this leak through Wiki Leaks? Stupidity.

I cannot seem to let this go. Once again, upon returning to the signal from the ruralness of my little cabin in Alaska, I find myself obsessing over the political coverage post RNC and DNC. This must be how The Donald feels each morning as he reads through the litany of press coverage his assistant reportedly assembles? It’s an addiction, no question. A drug alchemized with Trump’s media stamped Philosophers Stone, his profile creates a familiar dependency.

First of all, am I the only rational person who see’s the DNC’s effective deflection from the so-called “Russian Cyber-crime” meant to influence our election? Rarely do I agree with a Kremlin PR Ivan saying, “the absurdity of this charge is pure stupidity,” or something along those lines? Who ever came up with that strategy tapped into a vein of pure brilliance. The premise that Russia would want Donald Trump as the POTUS appears ridiculous to me. This is the sort of thin skinned tyrant so unpredictable, no rational regime would peg as a friend. Julian Assange must be quite proud of himself considering the fact that his 5+ years living in a London embassy was born of Clinton’s embarrassment following Cablegate. I’m sure there’s more to come, possibly even, relating to the GOP and/or Mr. Trump?

About Trump. The “pivot” -a word overused and often improperly- everyone in the media predicted seems out of the question? What happened to the tax return inquiries, the Trump University questions, and on and on? He seems to largely be covered as a typical candidate would be, despite the fact his campaign is so far from normal it’s ridiculous? I admit though, there is a small ember of curiosity I feel, wondering what would happen if he did get elected? Could it actually be good for the country in the long haul? That his term would so shake up DC, American’s might finally move en mass to redesign our Democracy, to make the massive systematic modifications necessary to align our off course Republic?

It’s important to question so-called common sense assessments by the majority. How many times over the course of mankind’s existence have obvious policies ended up being completely wrong? For example, when I was a kid, we had 1% milk and margarine to substitute for butter. The “obvious” conclusion was that less fat as a percentage of milk and butter was better for our diet as children. Turns out, these assumptions may have been completely wrong headed and not based in legitimate science. You get the idea, right?

Listening to Hillary on Meet the Press, I might have put my finger finally on one of the reasons she makes me uncomfortable? Questioned on both the Benghazi and personal server investigations, instead of simply saying it was a mistake or I could have done better, she couched both answers with justifications like, “other Secretary of State’s used personal email” and “the investigations did prove I wasn’t personally at fault for Benghazi.” For me, it’s these unnecessary rationalizations that just rub me the wrong way. Just fucking say the truth: “I don’t like people in my personal business” -the server- and, “I learned from Benghazi, I’ll do better in the future.” Instead it’s; apology, not apology.











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