Trump, Clinton, Libya & Addiction

This opinion may no longer be unique? Nevertheless, after reading the Washington Post, Donald Trump interview transcript today, –I will try later to link here if I can figure out how– it occurs to me that the man is, in fact, seriously psychologically damaged. I’ll refrain from elaborating in detail. The transcript speaks for itself. I have little doubt he will crumble prior to November. The pressures are tremendous and even the most disciplined politicians find the process so taxing they avoid beginning the race altogether. What seems most fascinating to me is how he will manage the destruction, or how the GOP as a party will play the circus?

As a former drug counselor and recovering addict, my first reaction to his instability is to assume he is on drugs, particularly some type of amphetamine / sedative combination. I write this off almost unconsciously, yet maybe we/I shouldn’t? The abuse or dependence on substances typically evolves from a co-occurring disorder related to a mental health condition. Self medicating is the loose terminology. I might be off base, perhaps, or as Trump might say: ‘many people have written this, I’m not saying but, you know?” His ever increasing seemingly uncontrollable behavior and his increasing need to be affirmed by polls and ratings, might suggest an addict slowly losing control? His behavior is consistent in process, but increasing in lack of control.

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016

After an appointment with the VA this afternoon, I have to consider the fact that many folks in this country support The Donald, come hell or high water. Just today I had brief conversations with strangers who all supported Trump. My question in all cases was, why and how? Little was learned despite my openness. I just cannot imagine a future with this man anywhere near the Oval Office. Call it hypothetical cognitive dissonance if you’d like?

Another tidbit I came across was an interview Hillary Clinton did in the immediate aftermath of Qaddafi’s execution by NATO supported rebels in Libya. It was cringe worthy and revealing unlike most of the sanitized views of Clinton. Her maniacal laugh and obvious joy with the killing of a head of state, had it been a leader of another country, would’ve been rightly condemned. She obviously learned NOTHING from the lessons of Iraq. Anyone with a brain and accurate information could have easily predicted the future of Libya, yet she seemed blind? Either she truly is ignorant, or more likely, a Libya lawless with nonstop civil war is the policy of our government? Either way, how can we support her for POTUS? A question I will continue asking myself as the campaigns come to a close.

It makes me glad that some actually read some of my rambling thoughts. Thank you, and I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.













One thought on “Trump, Clinton, Libya & Addiction

  1. It’s so fascinating how we all filter what we observe, categorizing experiences we have into contexts consistent with our personal past and beliefs. People assume Trump is a success, even a billionaire, without evidence (like tax returns), based on things like ghostwritten books. The underdog success myth is very powerful, and poorly-educated folks accept nonsensical concepts like government being no different than a big business. I mean, if one can’t tell the difference between a for-profit and a non-profit, where do we begin to achieve an understanding?

    I’ve read that Trump was raised to be strictly abstinent from both drugs and alcohol, but who knows if it’s true? There’s a laundry list of other possible causes for erratic behavior of his sort; sleep deprivation, side effects from regular medications, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, even early-stage dementia (not unheard of in a 70 year-old). He could be intentionally lying, which would set up considerable cognitive dissonance as he tries to keep the “real plan” secret. I sure can’t figure out why he can’t refrain from taking bait, no matter how slight the criticism, why he is so driven to waste time on vengeance and overreaction to tiny instances of opposition.

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