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The web will find you, anywhere. The modern machine broke free today. My peaceful corner of the planet, no more than a few hundred stones throw’s south of the Arctic Circle, became, if only temporarily, the newest information landfill in the Galaxy, thanks to my closest neighbor half-a-mile away. The industrious gentlemen, a Korean and Vietnam War’s Vet and occasional Poker player, combined renewable and fuel generated energy to power, among other things, a DISH Network system with internet and WiFi Router -no password- for the communities pleasure. The community being him, his wife, two dogs and one neighbor, me. I cannot say that I’m happy for the hook-up, nevertheless, his ingenuity -necessary, he claims, to lure his wife away from the city for a few weeks- and effort makes me smile.

The obvious downside to this temporary connection with the sick world below is the fact I learned of Donald Trump’s newest -as of 11am Wednesday- mouth fart. WTF, really?Is it hyperbole to posit anyone else making that statement in public would bring a heavy hand from the law? Maybe not arrested, but certainly put under watch? There’s no question he meant 2nd Amendment folks might be able to get what they want through the use of gun violence, that’s almost certain. Now, we can parse whether he meant Clinton directly, or Justices, or a coup de’tat for fucks sake. The comment was beyond the pale, even for The Donald. And like my last post made clear, the media must stop with the mealy mouth coverage. But they wont. In fact, the most ridiculous parsing came from the supposed Liberal MSNBC. It leaves me to wonder: might they be trying to help Donald to keep him afloat long enough to get HRC elected? Doubt it. Not that smart…or, rather, not as smart as those operating the levers of power over at FOX news!

The sun just broke through the grey of last nights storm. Spending precious time attempting to unravel the tangled mess that is modern politics feels perverse, if not my own wicked corruption? Would it sound crazy admitting my interest in such ethereal, distant helms, actually blunts my otherwise, painful, aching loneliness? I know my opinion is of zero consequence beyond the games stretching out within my own mind. The spaces between these crowded arenas are so dark, there have been times I could have laid down in the opaqueness, and check out of the next game. It’s a journey of feet, on the razors edge between grey and black. I never would have believed the anguish this despair controls in here? I was a happy child, a young man of contentment. Now, after the blasts and regret, that other life is lost.







2 thoughts on “LIP servicE

  1. Yeah, TV’s powerful, seductive, a siren. I used to work in sound editing. My wife was a TV news writer. News is another show, a crafted story, not real life. Trump is Archie Bunker with money, and he’s not self-aware enough to see he’s not driving the plot but is instead the butt of the jokes.

    Since I wake up earlier, I often go to another room and watch news early. When Mary comes out for coffee, she asks what Trump’s outrageous statement of the day is. Most days there is one. The day after your WTF example, he’s emphasizing over and over that “Obama is the founder of ISIS.” No explanation (he can’t cogitate beyond creating insults), just repeats and more shouts that “He IS the founder…and Hillary, she’s the co-founder.”

    But the fact that we have two flawed people in the lead to become president inescapably reflects on us. They both have an exceptional level of achievement in their respective career fields, but would you want either of their home lives? Are either of them the kind of human you want to look up to? Sure, it has come down to a need to hire someone for an important vacancy, but there will still be a leadership vacuum. We permitted it to happen, even encouraged it. What does that say about our ability to focus, to craft long-term solutions, even to identify the most dire problems?

    When that stuff upsets me, when I become too entangled in “the web”, I try to refocus outwardly on the most simple things, to re-experience the cellular realities – the plants need water, the bird feeders, dog needs a walk, there’s the dishes. The sunsets are spectacular here in summer. I can get back in balance.

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    • From my perspective, there is a lot of truth in your perspective. I try to understand views that are basically diametrical in nature, often causing me to reflect on my own like; “maybe I’m the lunatic, ignorant or the one from Venus?”

      Anyway, I appreciate the feedback! The concept of “unplugging” is apt, thanks for reminding me!

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