On Christmas Eve, age 11, my mom stopped me in the stairwell and said, “you know Santa isn’t real, right?” There’s so much insight to be analyzed within that proclamation, no doubt, especially since I stopped believing in Chris Kringle somewhere closer to age 5, alas, I mention it for other reasons more specific to faith and spirituality. My answer was a quick “yea yea,” the sort of answer a kid might give to questions of sex, or girlfriends and the like, when broached by otherwise well meaning parents. The question I never got around to asking her though seemed logical, possibly rude, was: “you know Jesus, the son of God at least, isn’t real either?” In my 10 year old mind, the idea of Jesus walking on water, Noah building an Archy-Archy, or Moses coming down with the Ten Commandments, were all as equally ridiculous. So yea, it’s obvious I don’t believe in religion. That doesn’t mean I can’t imagine a God, or “higher power,” if you’d like, out there in a different dimension, or in some way we haven’t yet discovered or understand. It would be simple minded to simply write the unknown off just because I {we} are as of yet ignorant. I find it highly unlikely that a possible greater power or entity gives two shits about us though.

Anyway, I said all that to say this: In general, I find many Christians to be cut from the most hypocritical of cloths. Being Christian, or Jewish, or Catholic, practicing those faiths should reveal a people heavy on empathy and forgiveness and light on violence and greed, right? Why is it then that so many of these heavily professed believers so antithetical in actual behavior to the good works and beliefs of the Jesus in their Bible? Quick to go to war, put folks to death, hoard wealth in massive quantities, favor stiff prison sentences, anti gay, anti just about anything that smells, looks, walks or talks different than their immediate clan?

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty that walk the walk, so to speak. Yet, without question, the overwhelming majority either confuse ideology with action, or, practice their faith in complete hypocrisy. Normally I wouldn’t give the phenomenon much thought, considering it a waste of time and oxygen. The experiences I recently faced cause me, force me, to reckon with these peoples sanctimonious bullshit.

When I lost my place to fire, I stumbled upon a program through the VA offering temporary housing and some minor case management. Long story very short: The program was highly religious, to the point that I was suspicious for not being willing to play along, pretending to be open minded…to that at least. It was clear after only a few months that the facility and the staff had many secrets. There was, and is, some shady shit going on that continues, affecting men and women that in many cases have nowhere else to turn. Because of this pickle, the program ultimately has control over them, leading to sick situations where folks are too afraid to speak out. I got the fuck out of there as quickly as possible. And if you think I am exaggerating, think again. Just as an example, the Vet case manager is literally not trusted by a single client! Not one. Years ago I worked in a similar job. During my 3 years I can think of only 3 or 4 clients who would feel negatively. You cannot please everyone, no. But to have people so dirty, so corrupt, in positions of authority is just reprehensible. How many people, let alone Veteran’s, have been worse off because of the place?

My point being; these people are so proud of their faiths. Praying circles every morning, guest pastor’s, the works, and in my entire life I’ve never known a more corrupt, to the bone corrupt, organization or program. Period. Christianity is but a convenient shield to hide the truth behind. And many know it, but wont say it. Their image is pure, an obvious sign of trouble for anyone with experienced in such matters.

Okay, I feel a little better getting that off my chest.











5 thoughts on “#WWJD

  1. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I didn’t fully grasp that faith and religion aren’t the same things until I was around 40. I was aware of the hypocrisies but still carried assumptions about the necessity of attachment to specific sects. I kept confusing the two to varying degrees, until I realized something obvious. Jesus had a ministry. Paul founded a religion.

    The actual teachings have been useful for me though. Much of it concentrates on being aware in the moment, and taking care of problems that are put right in front of you. If somebody’s hungry, YOU should feed them. If they are cold, give them YOUR coat. And everyone is welcome, especially the stranger in need. It’s a radical challenge to be unwaveringly generous, patient, forgiving and inclusive.

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  2. File a complaint. VA programs are supposed to be non- religious. Even those run by religious groups. I’d also look at talking to the patient advocate about the case manager. It will document a problem if nothing else.
    I hope your housing problem worked out.

    I walk my own spiritual path. I find any organized religion more,than a bit strange.

    What branch of service?


    • Thanks. I intended to file a claim or grievance, whatever was applicable, but I just didn’t. I hate being the victim, you know? And I thought, even if I win or whatever that means, it wont change my situation, as I had moved on. Excuses, I know. But you’re 100% right. No religion with VA, yet this was a grant program so I guess technically, whatever, the place will be exposed for what it is eventually. It’s scary being the whistleblower. It’s the right thing to do but it’s you’re word -some homeless loser- against all of them protecting their jobs and the rest of their filthy process. I get so mad thinking about the ones still there having to put up with the crap.

      Was in Army. 11 bravo. 02-05


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