Novel Idea – A Biography in Pieces

Secretly, I’ve spent much of the last two years grinding out, bit by bit, a semi biographical book reflecting on my experiences with the Army and life after. I’d never even considered doing such as thing. Besides the occasional letter, some technical writing at work, and an on again, off again journal, I had no credibility or experience needed to write an actually readable text. The project become more daunting upon losing my early efforts, most applicable art and several notebooks containing memories and rough quotes from my time in the Army, when last February, my cabin went up in flames along with everything inside at the time. I returned from a hike to find the place little more than a pile of smoking rubble, a particularly apt metaphor for my life.

These past months I’ve slowly restarted the process, albeit from an even further deteriorated mind and spirit. I’m considering publishing the work, an unedited chapter at a time, on this page for review and commentary? Even though I find my work entirely unreadable, like the reaction one might have to hearing ones recorded voice for the first time, possibly a little sliver of vulnerability would help me in improving, or worst case, abandoning the project altogether?

I do not expect any response to this post. Writing it down, here, was my first baby step in that direction. So if I don’t chicken out before then, I hope to release the prologue online by tomorrow night. All I ask if for genuine feedback, good or bad, helpful or not. Any sharing of the work would be greatly appreciated as well.

Until the next falling sun. L







2 thoughts on “Novel Idea – A Biography in Pieces

  1. I have some friends who are more accomplished writers than I am. Their advice agrees about one thing regarding process. Just barf out a first draft, without trying to manage or edit yourself as you go. It’s faster and easier to edit after you’ve written, and it encourages the magic of the unconscious.

    I also like reading how-to books by authors of note. Stephen King’s “On Writing” is full of very practical advice, while also functioning as a confessional about overcoming his life’s obstacles.

    The benefits of memoir should be obvious even if you don’t publish. It’s impossible to see ourselves with objectivity. That’s why I chose the name I write here under. Reading what I write about myself shows me things I don’t look at, can’t bear to examine directly except in dreams. It’s the shield Perseus must use to kill Medusa, by looking at her reflection. In autobiography, we are always writing about a character based on ourselves, and others in our life based on how we perceive them. You never achieve reality, yet you get closer to truth.

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    • Thanks, I haven’t thought of it quite like that. Hurts my head sometimes if I try to get that inductive, finding expressed meaning in the ancient literature.

      Funny though, a friend sent me a copy of King’s book on writing. You’ve sold me on finally reading it.

      Peace out.

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